Bake Sale

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What Should I Bring?

  • Cookies: dozens or singles
  • Cakes: full, half, or single slices
  • Cupcakes: dozens or singles
  • Muffins: dozens or singles
  • Pies:  full, half, or single slices
  • Breads: sweet or savory, sliced or unsliced loaves (package loaf whole, sliced or unsliced)
  • Buns: dozens
  • Cinnamon rolls: dozens or singles
  • Pastries: dozens or singles

...anything that can be baked and packaged for sale will be happily accepted and much appreciated! 

We do not have refrigeration available on site, so donated items need to be safe to consume at room temperature.


HELP! We also need plastic shopping bags (Super Saver, Walmart, Hy-Vee, etc.) for our bake sale shoppers

How should I bring my items for the bake sale?

Please bring items in covered, disposable containers or on sturdy disposable plates, covered with plastic wrap (we will not be able to return any pans, plates, carriers, etc.).  Breads can be brought in clear plastic bags with twist-tie closures or large zip-top bags.  Single cookies can be packaged in zip-top bags.

Write the name of your item on a note card and attach it with tape to your container.

PLEASE indicate if your item(s) contain any of the following ingredients:

Nuts (specify type)


When do I bring my items for the bake sale?

Please bring your baked and fully cooled items to Woods Auditorium anytime from 11 AM to 1 PM on November 22nd.  You may leave your item with the bake sale attendant.

Plan to come back during the Flavors of Fall to shop and enjoy the afternoon's activities!

Thank you for sharing your baking skills to benefit George Stone School!